Designer Transforms old Skateboards into unique guitars and bass

1 Aug

Designer Transforms old Skateboards into unique guitars and bass. San Francisco-based design student Nick Pourfard from Prisme Guitars, designs guitars out of old skateboards and makes a unique design. All of them are handcrafted by the self-taught woodworker Nick, and he uses from four to 44 skateboards in the creation of one guitar. Famous bands that uses these instruments are among Walk Off the Earth and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden who has a unique bass from Prisme Guitars.


We have moved – please come and visit!

24 Feb

We have moved – please come and visit!
We have moved - please come and visit!

Hi dear design craving guys and girls 🙂

I am please to tell you that I have moved to a selfhosted solution. This way I can easier manage and update the site with better content and more features.

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Thank you so much for following us – We would love to get you over to our new host where I am not locked out of features like I was on the old host.

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Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple

22 Jan

Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple ad video

Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple. I love when people take other companies perspectives or in this case make fun of what actually works when Apple creates a TV commercial / ad. IKEA decided to take on that concept and see if it works. Also it has references to a norwegian joke about Book support, that you can watch here.

IKEA does a great job at re-selling the concept of a book in a tech world filled with tablets, iPads, iPhone and tech – a bookbook = a free IKEA catalog.

I laughed so much and also because it is so well though. Nice spin-off of Apple commercials and ads. Enjoy 🙂

Top 5 inspiring danish architecture

3 Nov

Here is my recent top 5 inspiring danish architecture. After seeing these pictures you wish you where an expert on architecture. I just love when things are well designed and well built. When a building is more than just rooms and a roof and it makes you “awe” – then you know someone put an effort into designing, thinking, building it and not to mention when you see the architects passion in a building or a design! There are so many brilliant buildings and just amazing and inspiring architecture that I could write about so this is just some of my favorites at the moment.

Please share what are your favorites in the comments if you’d like.

Jørn Utzon

Opera House in Sidney

top inspiring danish architects - sidney opera house

Read more about Jørn Utzon here on wikipedia

Henning Larsen

Moesgaard Museum in Denmark

top inspiring danish architecture - henning larsen moesgaard

See more on the Henning Larsen website

Arne Jacobsen

Bellavista in Klampenborg, Denmark

inspiring danish architecture arne jacobsen bellavista klampenborg copenhagen

Read more about Arne Jacbobsen

Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Aros Art museum – Aarhus

Aros Art museum - Aarhus inspiring danish architecture

Check more inspiring pictures on their website

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Danish Martime Museum

Bjarke Ingels inspiring danish architecture martime museum

Read more about Bjarke Ingels


Also check some of these architects out:

Vilhelm Lauritzen
Lundgaard & Tranberg
C. F. Møller

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Eltang: Elegant luxurious Danish pipe design for collectors and smokers

18 Sep

Elegant luxurious Danish pipe design for collectors and smokers. I am not a big supporter for smoking as it is unhealthy and very often very smelly.but if I should choose to be a smoker I think smoking a pipe and smoking pipe tobacco would probably be my choice as it smells wonderful and it always reminds me of an old clever grandfather sitting in a rocking chair telling interesting stories about life.

This is not what my blog post is about but it’s about the design of pipes. Yesterday I was celebrating Tom Eltang 40th anniversary in his shop with all of his other guests, a little outside of Copenhagen. He is and has been for 40 years, a brilliant and well-known pipe designer. Since he was quite young he has been designing pipes in various forms and shapes in the most amazing materials and handcrafted designs. A lot of his customers actually buys his pipes and never dare to smoke tobacco in them other than to display them as they are so beautiful and unique. He recently also started selling own tobacco.

At Eltangs 40th anniversary yesterday that what people from all over the country and of course from all over the world. And the air was filled with the sweet smell of pipe tobacco. We were served food, cheese, drinks and a lot of great conversations with both Tom and his fellow pipe smokers. I almost felt displaced because I was not smoking pipe ha ha! But everyone including Tom where very sweet and interesting people. Most of all I enjoyed seeing his shop where he crafts all his pipes thus witnessing all his designs. Here I share some of them with you. Enjoy!





















Se more pipes on Eltang Piber website

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don’t want to miss

12 Sep

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don't want to miss - design think different

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don’t want to miss !

As many of you already are aware of, Apple has just shown the world their new Apple Watch and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. All interesting products but most of all the Apple Watch in my opinion. That’s why I sat down and watched some videos and then it struck me how many beautiful and streamlined videos Apple has made – and yes a lot of funny ones too. I wanted to share them with you as inspiration for you design enthusiast out there 🙂

Apple amazing commercials and video design:

Enjoy the videos 🙂


65 simple yet inspiring logo designs

2 Sep

Well made logos should be celebrated. Here are some to get inspiration from – 27 simple yet inspiring logo designs.

Poker Hills Tournament

Cuker Kruzok














Shah coiffeur






Serpentine Medical


Aldo Zarza Identity


Power up






Cellar Thief


Elka Minimalista

i7Strategies v2

WP mono



Amazing One-take Projection-Mapping Music Video with Irma’s “Save Me”

15 Aug

Amazing One-take Projection-Mapping Music Video with Irma’s “Save Me”. I am blown away how simple and yet well made this music video is. It also helps that the song is really catchy 🙂

I have before on The Danish Designer blog written about 3D projections and so forth – I thought this music video with Irma and her song “save me” i right up there with the other videos I have shared.
Let me know or share in the comments if you also have some amazing links to videos like this…

See the video with the Cameroonian singer-songwriter Irma and her “Save me” song here on Vimeo. Directed by Xavier Maingon and designed by french designers at SuperBien:

Previous posts with Projection-Mapping:
Wonderful commercial: Hyundai Accent 3D projection mapping

3D on Christiansborg building.

Virtual reality on your smartphone – Do it yourself (DIY) Guide!

27 Jun

Screenshot 2014-06-27 18.15.40 Virtual reality on your smartphone - Do it yourself (DIY) Guide!

Virtual reality on your smartphone – Do it yourself (DIY) Guide! Google developers made this awesome DIY kit!I thought this was awesome and a great idea.

Virtual reality has made exciting progress over the past several years. However, developing for VR still requires expensive, specialized hardware. Thinking about how to make VR accessible to more people, a group of VR enthusiasts at Google experimented with using a smartphone to drive VR experiences.

Screenshot 2014-06-27 18.15.40

The result is Cardboard, a no-frills enclosure that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset, and the accompanying open software toolkit that makes writing VR software as simple as building a web or mobile app.

By making it easy and inexpensive to experiment with VR, we hope to encourage developers to build the next generation of immersive digital experiences and make them available to everyone.

Download the do it yourself-Virtual reality toolkit here

Google Material design principles video – only for design nerds!

27 Jun

Google had an event and a talk about “Material design principles”. Though very nerdy I thought it was very interesting thus it’s also what I do in my company – I love working with design and arguing about why we choose to use the design we chose is a very interesting debate.

This is basically mostly interesting for other designers working with usability and UX design and passionated people who work with the analysis and psychology of design and functionality.

About the video Material design principles:

Matias Duarte, Nicholas Jitkoff, Jonathan Lee, Christian Robertson, Jon Wiley all talked about Material design in this video.

Design is the art of considered creation. As designers, our goal is to satisfy the diverse spectrum of human needs. As those needs evolve, so too must our designs, practices, and philosophies.

We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. The result is material design: a cross-platform design system grounded in tactile reality, inspired by our study of paper and ink, yet open to imagination and magic.

In this session, design leads across Google discuss the key principles of material design, and set the stage for the later sessions focusing on interaction, motion and visual design.

Other interesting Google design videos and Google talks

Designing for wearables
Emmet Connolly, Alex Faaborg, Hayes Raffle, Bob Ryskamp

Going responsive with the Google Play Apps Suite
Kirill Grouchnikov, Marco Paglia

Material design: Structure and components
Dave Chiu, Bethany Fong, Rich Fulcher, Zachary Gibson

Material design in Google Play
Will Kiefer, Nathan Streu, Taddeo Zacchini


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