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Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don’t want to miss

12 Sep

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don't want to miss - design think different

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don’t want to miss !

As many of you already are aware of, Apple has just shown the world their new Apple Watch and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. All interesting products but most of all the Apple Watch in my opinion. That’s why I sat down and watched some videos and then it struck me how many beautiful and streamlined videos Apple has made – and yes a lot of funny ones too. I wanted to share them with you as inspiration for you design enthusiast out there 🙂

Apple amazing commercials and video design:

Enjoy the videos 🙂



Fuck the poor – campaign makes us look like fools!

22 Apr

This Fuck the poor – campaign makes us look like fools! It shows how well a campaign can speak to us through video but not as much when it actually happens on the street right in front of us. It’s almost sarcastic that the end of the video shows us how we ignore something unpleasant and something we see every day. But if something is different or annoys us we speak up… This is what all successful ads and campaigns should do: Make it clear by doing something different than others.

Let me know what you think of the video – does it move your opinion of others and yourself?


The video is supported by http://piliontrust.co.uk

Modern and simple video design: A-Z of Dance

12 Apr

I saw this “A-Z of dance” video on Youtube and I really like the font and typography that is used throughout the video. Very modern and simple. The camera angles and the colors in the video is very fashion like ! I thought it’s content of A-Z of Dance and it’s various dance talents where worth watching! Well done video production…

Enjoy your saturday and go dance through the weekend!


Danish designed organic Mushroom Lamp is alive

21 Feb

danish designer mushroom lamp

Danish designer lamp made of mushrooms and living organic material

This amazing Danish designed organic Mushroom Lamp is alive! It was created and designed by danish Jonas Edvard Nielsen, industrial designer. A lamp made from waste, transformed by mushrooms and dried to a lamp shape. The mushrooms are alive and eating itself and the material until it dies.

Read more about the danish designer lamp here


Wanna meet the people who created your T-shirt and see how?

27 Jan

Wanna meet the people who created your T-shirt and see how? I thought this was an interesting concepts when talking about design and production in our world where we should focus on sustainable design and products.

Alex Bloomberg from Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt explains:


Top 11 most interesting TV commercials in 2013

31 Dec

Top 11 most interesting TV commercials in 2013. Now that it’s New Years eve, I thought I would collect some of this years most interesting TV commercials of 2013. Do you think there are missing some then let me know in the comments 😉 Happy New Year!

Marmite TV commercial

02, be more dog TV commercial

Ikea TV commercial

Honda TV commercial

Grey Poupon TV commercial

True move TV commercial

Pepsi Max driving test TV commercial

Volvo Trucks Van Damme TV commercial

Guinness TV commercial

Dove sketches TV commercial

Call Me – danish mobile company – Speak nicely it doesn’t cost anything / Tal ordentligt det kosher ikke noget

Thai commercial leaves everyone crying!

21 Sep

Thai commercial leaves everyone crying! I thought this was interesting and creative enough to share with you guys. 3min commercial that tells a really good and simple story!

Thai mobile telecommunications company TrueMove has launched ‘Giving’, a 3 min online film telling the moving story of two families transformed by the spirit of giving without hope of return. TrueMove says the plot, inspired by stories shared on social media, is associated with the company’s commitment to create opportunities and improve the quality of life in Thailand. TrueMove’s tag line, “Giving is the best communication”.

Old fashioned Signwriting aka Reverse Glass, Gold Leaf Sign Artist

25 Jun

john mayer born and raised

Handcrafts and hard work pays off when you are this good at making designs. This kind of craftsmanship is incredible and I just enjoy how much detail he designs. The process of this kind of artwork is long and worthwhile! I wish I could make things that are this beautiful – but I will stick with Illustrator and Photoshop to give me the results I want. But we should never forget the old ways of doing things – it just puts everything in perspective and inspires. Enjoy the patience he has…

David A Smith is a name that has become synonymous in Sign-Writing and Glass gilding circles, with high quality, hand crafted reverse glass signs and decorative silvered and gilded mirrors.

In this short documentary, we reveal behind the scenes work, techniques and visions that Dave uses when carrying out his passion as a glass embosser – One of the few remaining traditional UK glass artists.

David A Smith

John Mayers album artwork is designed the old way with Reverse glass design

David A. Smith is a traditional sign-writer/designer specialising in high-quality ornamental hand-crafted reverse glass signs and decorative silvered and gilded mirrors. David recently produced a wonderful turn-of-the-century, trade-card styled album cover for popular American singer/songwriter John Mayer.

This film captures the ‘Behind The Scenes’ creation of the ‘Born & Raised’ and ‘Queen of California’ artwork, as well as 2 unique reverse glass panels, hand-crafted in England by David A. Smith.

Music by John Mayer http://www.johnmayer.com
A Film by Danny Cooke http://www.dannycooke.co.uk
Featuring David A. Smith http://www.davidadriansmith.com

Frightning but relevant new campaign from Danish Televisions DR2

28 May

Forsman & Bodenfors has made a new campaign for the Danish television channel DR2 about political issues. They are very well made and has some seriously important morals/points. I think the videos are spot on!

This is what Forsman & Bodenfors wrote about the project:

“When Danish national television set out to relaunch their channel DR2, they wanted to launch it as as the debate center. A channel that’s not afraid to raise controversial issues.

So for the launch campaign we found three topics that aimed to spark debate among the Danes. Then we created three film trailers around them. At the same time a web page for DR2 was launched where the different topics were discussed. The debate also took place on Facebook and on Twitter.

The film trailers ran in the non commercial channels DR1 and DR2. And, of course, on the web.”


  • Advertiser: Danish Radio
  • Client: Jacob Kamp Rosendahl
  • Copywriter: Eva Råberg
  • Art Director: Kim Cramer, Lars Elfman
  • Agency Producer: Alexander Blidner
  • Account Director: Hans Anderssson
  • Account Manager: Lina Strandang
  • Planner: Tobias Nordström
  • Director: Kasper Wedendahl
  • Production Company: Bacon
  • Producer: Mahlene Dyhring
Source: http://www.fb.se/

Watch out for yourself… There is so many dumb ways to die!

14 Dec

I hope you all take care of yourselves this winter! There are so many dumb ways to die – don’t be dumb… Drive, Walk and do only smart and safe things! 🙂
Have a great weekend!

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