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Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don’t want to miss

12 Sep

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don't want to miss - design think different

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don’t want to miss !

As many of you already are aware of, Apple has just shown the world their new Apple Watch and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. All interesting products but most of all the Apple Watch in my opinion. That’s why I sat down and watched some videos and then it struck me how many beautiful and streamlined videos Apple has made – and yes a lot of funny ones too. I wanted to share them with you as inspiration for you design enthusiast out there 🙂

Apple amazing commercials and video design:

Enjoy the videos 🙂



New facebook app

5 Mar

The new design and feel of the new facebook app is greater than before – but where did the “group” section go??

As Seen On TV Hat – Official Site –

5 Mar
Watch your ipod, itouch or iphone video outside in the sun. The video hat looks really wierd but has simple and great functionality… hehe videohat – i gotta have one!

Thumbtac microphone

21 Feb

For iPhone and iPod

iPhone or itouch bike mount

21 Feb

Cool noise app for iPhone

20 Feb

Funny app for iPhone

20 Feb

LittleSnapper for iPhone

20 Feb

Great little app for snapping webpages on an iPhone

IPhone holder

18 Feb

I thought it would be great but it was rubbish and broke after
4weeks.. Don't waste your money!

Free stock / photos

13 Jan

Today i scanned some fun pictures on my CanoScan – I thought i would share them with everyone who can use them for something.

It’s a coca cola can, my iphone 3gs, a pencil and a pen. Also you can see a metal ball puzzle if you were wondering!

Just make sure you credit me if you use them in any commercial way. Credits “Mark Barner –”.
Have fun!
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