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Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple

22 Jan

Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple ad video

Funny IKEA commercial making fun of Apple. I love when people take other companies perspectives or in this case make fun of what actually works when Apple creates a TV commercial / ad. IKEA decided to take on that concept and see if it works. Also it has references to a norwegian joke about Book support, that you can watch here.

IKEA does a great job at re-selling the concept of a book in a tech world filled with tablets, iPads, iPhone and tech – a bookbook = a free IKEA catalog.

I laughed so much and also because it is so well though. Nice spin-off of Apple commercials and ads. Enjoy 🙂


Fuck the poor – campaign makes us look like fools!

22 Apr

This Fuck the poor – campaign makes us look like fools! It shows how well a campaign can speak to us through video but not as much when it actually happens on the street right in front of us. It’s almost sarcastic that the end of the video shows us how we ignore something unpleasant and something we see every day. But if something is different or annoys us we speak up… This is what all successful ads and campaigns should do: Make it clear by doing something different than others.

Let me know what you think of the video – does it move your opinion of others and yourself?


The video is supported by http://piliontrust.co.uk


Top 11 most interesting TV commercials in 2013

31 Dec

Top 11 most interesting TV commercials in 2013. Now that it’s New Years eve, I thought I would collect some of this years most interesting TV commercials of 2013. Do you think there are missing some then let me know in the comments 😉 Happy New Year!

Marmite TV commercial

02, be more dog TV commercial

Ikea TV commercial

Honda TV commercial

Grey Poupon TV commercial

True move TV commercial

Pepsi Max driving test TV commercial

Volvo Trucks Van Damme TV commercial

Guinness TV commercial

Dove sketches TV commercial

Call Me – danish mobile company – Speak nicely it doesn’t cost anything / Tal ordentligt det kosher ikke noget

Child abuse poster with a hidden message

7 May

Child abuse poster with a hidden message. Very interesting marketing campaign that has a hidden message only 10year old children can see. I love these kind of brilliant ideas!

With this inspirational video:

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