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Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don’t want to miss

12 Sep

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don't want to miss - design think different

Amazing inspirational video-design from Apple you don’t want to miss !

As many of you already are aware of, Apple has just shown the world their new Apple Watch and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. All interesting products but most of all the Apple Watch in my opinion. That’s why I sat down and watched some videos and then it struck me how many beautiful and streamlined videos Apple has made – and yes a lot of funny ones too. I wanted to share them with you as inspiration for you design enthusiast out there 🙂

Apple amazing commercials and video design:

Enjoy the videos 🙂



Modern and simple video design: A-Z of Dance

12 Apr

I saw this “A-Z of dance” video on Youtube and I really like the font and typography that is used throughout the video. Very modern and simple. The camera angles and the colors in the video is very fashion like ! I thought it’s content of A-Z of Dance and it’s various dance talents where worth watching! Well done video production…

Enjoy your saturday and go dance through the weekend!


Danish designed organic Mushroom Lamp is alive

21 Feb

danish designer mushroom lamp

Danish designer lamp made of mushrooms and living organic material

This amazing Danish designed organic Mushroom Lamp is alive! It was created and designed by danish Jonas Edvard Nielsen, industrial designer. A lamp made from waste, transformed by mushrooms and dried to a lamp shape. The mushrooms are alive and eating itself and the material until it dies.

Read more about the danish designer lamp here

25 Colorful Logos that makes you want your own!

13 Aug

Logo by
Mark Barner

Logo by Ryan Harrison

Logo by Guillaume Marais

Logo by Maria Grønlund

Logo by Petshopbox

Logo by Vinent

Logo by Genki Hagata

Logo by Enrique Sánchez

Logo by Marianella Snowball

Logo by Evan Dinsmore

Logo by Cosmin Cuciureanu

Logo by Harley Spick

Logo by Modisana Hlomuka

Logo by Andres Vizio

Logo by Arpit Tilak

Logo by Lawrence Allen

Logo by Designers Revolution

Logo by Kim Marcel Czesna

Logo by Abdelilah Driouch

Logo by Jordan Dobney

Logo by Jared Hill

Logo by ALL4LEO

Logo by Alen Type08 Pavlovic

Logo by Emir Ayouni

Logo by Adrianne Hawthorne


Old fashioned Signwriting aka Reverse Glass, Gold Leaf Sign Artist

25 Jun

john mayer born and raised

Handcrafts and hard work pays off when you are this good at making designs. This kind of craftsmanship is incredible and I just enjoy how much detail he designs. The process of this kind of artwork is long and worthwhile! I wish I could make things that are this beautiful – but I will stick with Illustrator and Photoshop to give me the results I want. But we should never forget the old ways of doing things – it just puts everything in perspective and inspires. Enjoy the patience he has…

David A Smith is a name that has become synonymous in Sign-Writing and Glass gilding circles, with high quality, hand crafted reverse glass signs and decorative silvered and gilded mirrors.

In this short documentary, we reveal behind the scenes work, techniques and visions that Dave uses when carrying out his passion as a glass embosser – One of the few remaining traditional UK glass artists.

David A Smith

John Mayers album artwork is designed the old way with Reverse glass design

David A. Smith is a traditional sign-writer/designer specialising in high-quality ornamental hand-crafted reverse glass signs and decorative silvered and gilded mirrors. David recently produced a wonderful turn-of-the-century, trade-card styled album cover for popular American singer/songwriter John Mayer.

This film captures the ‘Behind The Scenes’ creation of the ‘Born & Raised’ and ‘Queen of California’ artwork, as well as 2 unique reverse glass panels, hand-crafted in England by David A. Smith.

Music by John Mayer
A Film by Danny Cooke
Featuring David A. Smith

100 Inspirational Business Card Designs that will make you change your own!

12 Apr

One of my big passions are concept design and within that is graphic design and print. One very important print project when branding your company or your concept is of cause Business Card designs. Here are some really fun and interesting Business card designs that inspires me a lot! And maybe it will inspire you too?

I think the finish of these designs are not all done perfectly but the ideas are definitely worth a look!

Get your own Business card designs

Do you need a unique business card then you can contact me through my design & web bureau

Share your business card designs

Do you have a unique business card design or print design? please send me a picture of them and I will maybe include them in a blog post in the future 🙂

Enjoy these business card designs


coam business card designs

Emmi Salonen

graphic designer business card designs


ticket business card designs


twitter business card designs

This business card inspired its design from the Twitter account of the card owner.

fabric business card designs

Some unusual business cards try to attract the viewer by using strange materials similar to the above one who uses classic fabric.

metal beer opener business card designs

This is one of the amazing business card ideas that reflect the concept behind the company as it provides waste management service.

psychologist business card designs

This business card is for a psychologist and it inspired its idea from the Windows OS reboot shortcuts.

biscuit business card designs

A wonderful business card idea for bakery business as the color and the design of the business card is like a piece of biscuit

laptop business card designs

This computer repair company chooses an unusual business card idea that is folded similar to the laptop.

balloon business card designs

Balloon business card allows you to see the details when you puff it.

Google search inspired business card. The contact information appears clearly as the search results.

rubber band business card designs

Very creative business card idea as the information printed on the rubber tape.

clip business card designs

very unusual business card idea that I believe it not usable as it is very limited in space for content and hard to carry.

grass seed business card designs

Wonderful and practical idea for business cards.

coupon business card designs

This business card inspires its creative idea from the tickets or the coupon shape and layout.

aluminium business card designs

This one of the unusual business cards that I believe it is hard to read at least for some people.

flower business card designs

This is nice business card that can be used for women, girls, or kids products and services.

yellow marker business card designs

This business card idea depends on the user to get the card out of the holder to reveal the full contact information.

One of the unusual business cards that use different materials to attract the viewers.

twitter website mail business card designs

very clever business card that uses one line to show the name, the website, the email, and the Twitter of the contact person.

This unusual business card uses different materials in the same card layout such as different paper types.

stylist business card designs

This card is designed for a hair stylist as you can imagine from the comb.

tab layout business card designs

This business card is designed based on the common tab layout that we use in web design.

aluminium business card designs

Another unusual business cards created using metal and steel.

This card is inspired from the greek ancient broken architecture and stones.

wooden business card designs

Here is another business card that is printed on wood materials.

Victoria Vaughan

bloody business card designs

Shout Radio Productions

coupon business card designs


clinic business card designs

EightHourDay Business System

eight hour day business card designs

Tag Communication Services

tag business card designs

Stefan Sagmeister

ss clever business card designs

Chm Systems

round colorful business card designs

Round business cards

plastic tag business card designs


badge envelope business card designs

Matilda Jane

sowing stings in business card designs

Rubber Band

rubber armband business card designs

Eduard Cehovin

wooden clip business card designs

Business Cards

drop shaped business card designs

Elevate Inc

tag business card designs


laces business card designs

Shorts Film Festival

typographic business card designs


Business Cards for Ellen

small long business card designs

Business Cards

stamped vintage business card designs

The Darling Room

vintage business card designs

BHD Design Business Card

kitch pattern business card designs


grunge elevator business card designs

Kinos Aarau

clipout film roll business card designs

SM Designs

videographer  business card designs

MEME Business Card

glass  business card designs


record dj  business card designs

Business Card

why salmondesigns  business card designs

retro yellow business card designs

retro  business card designs

retro  business card designs

blue red grey  business card designs

vintage  business card designs

hipster business card designs

vintage business card designs

salt business card designs

neighborhood business card designs

black gold business card designs

sun fun vehicle  business card designs

retro 3d business card designs

black wood business card designs

heraldry business card designs

vintage look  business card designs

Plastico Camera Business Card By Calwin

Kristian Gehradte Photography by Koodoz Design

black business card designs

PUBLIC by Blok Design

public business card designs

Wired Tree by Bratus

leaf business card designs

StockPodium by Deepart

photo camera black  business card designs

Animal Service Business Cards by Louisa Xanthopoulou

red blue business card designs

Pastelz by Neel

boat ship paper business card designs

SNAP Business Card by KaixerGroup

photographer business card designs

Table Nº 1 by Foreign Policy

 business card designs stand brown paper

Teaching Shop by Hype & Slippers

owl business card designs

Design Shop by Yurko Gutsulyak

blue red business card designs

Austin Walsh Photography by Whiskey Design

photography business card designs

Cheryl Griffin by Uncommon Envelope

on air business card designs

Jay Kwong

cute bear business card designs

Mantas Paražinskas by Elegante Press

hairdresser business card designs

Markus Ölhafen

rip business card designs

Wake Up Your Body Business Card by Rodrigo Dias

body business card designs

Cyla Costa Business Card

stamp business card designs

Flywheel Busness Card by Nicole Kraieski

envelope  business card designs

Barber’s Business Card by Evgeny Katz

scissor business card designs

Dario Monetini Busness Card

funny face business card designs

Fizz Business Coaster

fizz business card designs

“Ahwet el Set” Lebanese Restaurant Branding by Sami Joe Mansour

 business card designs


red wine business card designs

See more great inspiration on my source:

40 hand drawn websites

15 Jan

Here is my collection of inspiration of 40 hand drawn websites that in one way or the other inspired me.

LOVE SUCK BALLS – the solution is tongue experience!

21 Sep

I felt like giving advice on a free-to-use wallpaper today…

Love suck balls the solution is tongue experience - clever graphic design and advice by Mark Barner

design and advice by graphic designer Mark Barner – copyright Mark Barner

* You are only allowed to use this wallpaper on your personal computer for fun and you must not sell or resell anything from this illustration. The illustration is for sale for the right price.

Adobe CS5.5 : All about the new features of Creative Suite 5.5 + guides

9 May

adobe cs 5.5

Convert from InDesign to iPad / Tablets

Wonderful NYC invasion of PIXELS

30 Mar

This video design is just amazingly done!!! I Love the whole retro-feel of it and the sound effects are just gasping!


See more at

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